The Homestead, formerly Edmundson House, has had an interesting but somewhat varied history.

The Homestead is believed to have started life in the 16th Century (built in 1560) as a family home at the centre of village life, sited directly opposite St Wilfid’s, a Norman Church also known colloquially as the Cathedral of the Lune valley. It probably remained a family house for a great part of its history until in more recent times becoming a cottage maternity hospital. Later in life it was transformed into a Public House, firstly the Horse and Groom, then the Strawberry Inn, until undergoing a curious metamorphosis into a Temperance Hall.

After that rather chequered history it went full circle, once again becoming a family home, or should I say a number of self contained apartments until finally it was fully and sympathetically restored back into a singularly unique family property. Kevin and Maria took several years lovingly restoring the place, breathing life back into the fabric of this old building. Our labour of love has been fully rewarded by the joy of living in a wonderful, historic yet comfortable house.

Come and share the experience with us, be our guests, we look forward to meeting you.